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25 Feb 2012   Welcome! This page will contain the posts for the skills you need to have for a successful...

posted on: Feb 27, 2012 | author: James Smith

Some thoughts on covert solar power

Eric, from the flatlands of Florida writes in part, “I am concerned that after the end of the world as we know...

posted on: Feb 26, 2012 | author: James Smith

The cold hearted killer you carry in ...

I asked a listener a question about trapping, “I have a question for you: At a minimum, what would I need for...

The cold hearted killer you carry in your preps
posted on: Feb 18, 2012 | author: James Smith

Easy to do snare

Sometimes in life, you just have catch a dinner instead of relying on the old .22 cal rifle. Momma wants a meat dish,...

posted on: Feb 1, 2012 | author: James Smith

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