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Some thoughts on covert solar power


Eric, from the flatlands of Florida writes in part, “I am concerned that after the end of the world as we know it that having solar panels upon my roof would be quite an attractor of people who are not as equally prepared as myself. It would be like having a sign that says: “Hey, I’m the only one in town that now has electricity – so you know who’s door you can knock on now.”

I worry that the military or local government might want to commandeer my resources.

I can think of placing a big lying sign on the roof along with the panels that says “SOLAR SYSTEM IS BROKEN.” So that people seeing my system wouldn’t result in a knock on my door.

I am aware of more discreet solar energy systems, such as solar film for windows, solar window shades, and more discreet but still ‘blue’ photovoltaic roofing tiles. I also will use black-out curtains so that no light can be seen from my place at night.

I asked him some of the particulars and it seems he is looking at some property that is unusual, to say. It’s not your typical bug out location as it is still in town. Think JC Penny’s or something along that line.

For the wind part, that’s almost a no-brainer in a commercial building setting. There are spinning air ducts that will move fresh outside air into a ventilation system. Using DC motors, you can make these into windmills, but you’ll need to attach many together to get enough juice to charge a battery. A Buck-Boost circuit will help you increase your charging ability. Run them into parallel and serial and you should have enough to charge a battery system with 5 of the windmills.

As for the solar, I think I know what will work for solar panels like what Harbor Freight sells. It’s called Anti-Glare Reflective Coating, and you wont’ believe how I know they make this stuff. Anyone remember Emergency, the show about LA paramedics Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto. They were doing a TV interview and after Roy had shined the brightwork, the camera man sprayed something on it, he said, it makes too much glare.

So, remembering the 70′s can be useful.

Spray the panels and that will give them a flat black appearance. If you put them on the south side of the roof of a greenhouse, and black painted plywood of the EXACT dimensions as the panels on the north side, they will appear to be shade covers to passing helos or predator drones.

To hide a windmill in a residential setting, you will have to sacrifice height for security.

Depending on the length of the whole windmill, and the length the blades, you can hide them under a water barrel with the sides removed to let the wind move the blades. The same can be done under a porch that the wind moves under.

Finally, consider WHY you want the electric. You may not need it as much as you think. We did quite well without electricity for ages and you may find yourself without power again.

Remember, if it is just for residential lighting, you can use the solar lights that sit in the back yard soaking up yummy sunshine. I just bought 5 from the Dollar Tree and every last one of them provides power from sundown to sun up. Multiple the numbers and you’ll have sufficient lighting, OR, take the LED’s out and put them into light fittings, wire them directly to the solar cell assembly that is on a wall outside, and it will power the light inside during the daytime, and have enough to last the night.

Just a thought.

And Eric followed up with this e-mail:

Dear James,
I just listened to the podcast on covert solar and wind energy ideas.
I was very excited to hear your ideas.  None of them were even on my “thought radar” for being solutions.
I was able to understand the technical explanations, and I think they are elegant, brilliant solutions.
Thanks for taking my question seriously, I’m sure many others will benefit from this great info also!
Please keep up the great work,
Eric in Florida

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