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300 Days To Doomsday Skill – Making Candles


10 May 2012

I know people who live the phrase, “They would curse the dark rather than lighting a candle.” We need light at night for very obvious reason, we only have 2 shins to find things in the dark and if they are above shin level – it may REALLY hurt!

Candle making is a skill as old as the dark. Keeping a light on kept animals at bay and allowed for a fire to be restarted in the morning. But candles are more than decoration – they give us the psychological comfort of knowing that everything is well. Monsters may hide under the bed – and won’t come out as long as the candle is lit.

Candles can be made a variety of ways.One way is with an orange. Here are the directions from Youtube:

You will need: a cutting board, an orange or two, a knife, some olive oil, and a lighter (a parent is optional)

First, clear the board before you start. Then, get a knife and an orange and use the knife to cut through ONLY the skin of the orange. Next, don’t peel the skin, but use your thumb to separate the edible part of the orange from the skin. The edible part of the orange isn’t going to be used, so you can save it for eating later. If you do it right, the center pulp sticking out should stay on the orange peel. That pulp will be your wick or the flammable part, also take of the other side. Now put some olive oil in the orange peel, not a lot, but about half an inch to an inch. Then dip the wick or pulp in the olive oil found anywhere in your kitchen and let it sit there for a while to give the olive oil a chance to settle. Meanwhile, you can cut a small hole in the other orange peel so the candle won’t burn out when you put it on top. While waiting, you can read a page or two in that book you’ve wanted to finish! After several minutes, light the wick on fire and you’ve got a candle! Be patient though, it might take a while. You can leave it like that or you can put the orange top on. In the dark, it preferably looks brighter with the top on.


See – simple as using an orange. But candles do have a limiting factor, wicks. In the videos listed there are ways of making wicks shown because I know that wicks are going to be priceless to EVERYONE else, but because you will know how to make wicks, you now have an item you can barter with!


Videos: 9 videos at 65 minutes

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