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300 Days To Doomsday Skill – Having Fun!


28 July 2012

Yes, Fellow Preppers, having fun is a skill you must master if you are going to survive the end of the world.

Fun is important. Fun is necessary. Fun will save your life!

There are a few different kinds of fun:

  1. Little kid fun
  2. Mommy and Daddy fun
  3. Family fun
  4. Neighborhood fun

Now we all know that #2 is not going to be mentioned on this blog post or the podcast. So lets look at the others.

Little kid fun is fun that you had as a little kid. Hide and Go Seek, throwing rotten tomatoes at each other, Red Light Green Light are just a few of them. And being hit with rotten tomato isn’t meant for the tiny kids, but teenagers will have a blast! I found a good source for cheap toys:

Family fun is the fun a family can have together. Everything from a quick game of pickup basketball, frisbee, or Monopoly. One summer we kids just played a massive game of Monopoly. And like the Federal Reserve, we printed up money as we needed and put the largest numbers on the bills. Imagine being hit with a 1 million dollar tax for landing on Park Place!

The Neighborhood fun is pretty much what it sounds like. Softball games, soccer matches, dances and socials, and anything else that puts a person in the middle of a fun activity that everyone in the block is invited to join in.

None of these activities require electricity. None of them mandate drinking alcohol in order to have a good time. You won’t need booze, you’re going to be having the time of your life.

Why play, because it’s good for you.

  • Play connects us to others
  • Play fosters creativity, flexibility, and learning
  • Play is an antidote to loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression
  • Play teaches us perseverance
  • Play makes us happy

So go out there and learn this skill. Connect with your family and have fun!


Videos: 3 at 5 minutes

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