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300 Days To Doomsday Skill – Wind Power


16 Aug 2012

More free energy – the wave of the future!

Still not quite. Wind energy is but of still only one bullet in the prepper’s arsenal to survive doomsday. Will you survive without it? Yes. Do you need it? No.

Then again, why talk about it?

Because you may be in a situation where solar power is beneficial for you. Your bug out location may be ideally located along a coastline or high in the mountains. In Frostbite Falls, the windiest part of the year is in the winter. So we can use solar in the summer, wind in the winter. Now both can be used year round, but one is going to provide more of the energy.

Wind power is also a great way to keep a batteries charged up. This gives your batteries what they need in the middle of the night. As the wind blows, the batteries get charged up. Think of it as a Gloom Power. Storms of all kinds will make the blades spin and you can be enjoying an after-dinner coffee with the 12 volt coffee maker you bought.

The concepts of charging the batteries still apply as they did with solar power. For best results, make more than one. Make several! One windmill may only produce 1 amp of energy per hour. If you have 5, that’ more juice to charge up the batteries.

What ever you do, your success is directly related to your efforts to learn and to build.



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