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300 Days to Doomsday Skill – Cookbooks


23 Aug 2012

I love eating. I love cooking. I love to eat what I cook.

But in a post collapse world, how we do things are just important as what we have before us.

Can you make macaroni and cheese without a box? Can you?

Boil macaroni noodles, drain, top with 2 slices of cheese and voila’ – MacNCheese.  Your kids will thank me later for that one!

I’m going to provide you links and videos on budget cooking, depression cooking, and believe it or not Medieval cooking. Why those?

These represent the times when moms had to stretch that budget until it hurt. Alot.

So these will give you ideas on cooking. A bit of advice though. A fish is a fish. A bird is bird. A mammal is a mammal.

What does that mean?

If you see a recipe for salmon, and all you have is bluegill – MAKE THE RECIPE!

How about a chicken dish? Why not use a pigeon?

Mammal? A rabbit is the same as a ground hog, raccoon, or squirrel. You’ll need a few more tree rats, but hey, they’re tasty.

The Amazon link is just to 505 FREE cookbooks that you can download from Amazon for a Kindle. You don’t have a Kindle? Then click HERE and you can get a eader for Kindle books FOR FREE!! I am the KING OF CHEAP!! ​If the link breaks, email me at james@thecovertprepper<DOT>com and I’ll fix it.


Videos: 15 videos at 90 minutes

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