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I smell the bullcrap and it’s stinks!


I am absolutely sick and tired of the left-wing doomers. Oh the sky is falling!!

Well duh! Know anybody that’s lived forever??

Geesh.  Okay, what am I ranting about: Climatecrap. There was a time about 200 years ago when science was science and fools were afraid. Now it’s science for fools and the science minded are ignored. “Let’s make a buck on this!” is their mantra. “Invest in green technology before we legislate it and we’ll be in easy street!”  True humanitarians. I bet they are – eating people before they taste the sweetness known as honesty.

Case in point, Mr. (Billions and Billions of stars) Carl Sagan:

“Apocalyptic predictions require, to be taken seriously, higher standards of evidence than do assertions on other matters where the stakes are not as great.”  Carl Sagan, Foreign Affairs, Winter 1983 -84″

So true believers, what do we see here? Well, let’s parse his words:

Apocalyptic predictions must be based upon irrefutable evidence. Everything else can be debateable.
Great. So big time peacnik Sagan says we must have IRREFUTABLE evidence.

So then, where is it?

Models are not evidence. They are transitory and not to be trusted. Remember the models predicted a horrible hurricane seasons in 2008 / 2009 / 2010. And what did the models prove – they are fallible and at times laughable.

Perhaps we have evidence of Climate Change right before us?? Except… Climate is the weather for an area over a long period of time. Everything else is just, “weather”. There are days in the middle of winter we had real Global Warming. I’d rather shovel rain than snow.

Oh, let’s not forget the Global Warming conferences in April getting snowed out, in Mexico. Yup. We have a problem, Houston.

Data received, recorded, or developed from records is just that, DATA. It neither proves nor disproves a given hypothesis. Data is a form of FACTS. Facts never change – unless you need to massage them like the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in the U.K thought they needed to do. The leaked emails showed that the data had to be adjusted to meet the theory, not the other way around. Thing is… the data suggests a cooling trend. We need to pump out more greenhouse gases if we want to stay warmer. The Solar Minimum will be upon us where the globe cools down DUE TO SOLAR ACTIVITY.

Let’s get back to the Nuclear Winter paper that Carl Sagan and others wrote. It’s called the TTAPS report, named after the initial of the researcher’s last name. Here’s what some people had to say.

Author Ralph K. White sums it nicely up in his book, “The Fearful Warriors”:

“Horror is needed. The peace movement cannot do without it.”

 Russel Seitz nails the left in his article, “The Melting of ‘Nuclear Winter’”:

“What they got was surreal — a Secular Apocalypse”

What’s the difference here? Nothing really. Nuclear War (committed by evil Republican) or Global Warming (caused by evil Corporations). Let’s add in another “evil”. War. Remember the 60′s and how the Commies tried to ruin America by sponsoring Peace meetings?? “Oh.. End of the World if ______________ “(fill in your favorite cause).

So when the next time some joker says, “If we don’t start…” Stop him right there and ask him two questions:

1. Where did you hear that?
2. Did you test that theory out or are you just parroting it?

Odds on favorite: #1 is going to be some brain dead, butt sniffing, inbred, cheese and whine (yes, WHINE) chugging liberal. And the answer to #2 will be “No… but I…”

Take a crayon and mark his name next in the “Useless Eaters” column in your preps. When the collapse happens, have him go home to home looking for medicine for the sick. Someone won’t like him poking around and will …  You fill in the blank.

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