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Nuclear war preps. Now might be a good time to get started


By James Smith

16 Feb 2013

Listen to the podcast here:

In tonight’s episode, James explains why you should get ready for a nuclear war, or at least, get your fallout shelter planned and the materials ready to go when the time comes.

It’s a basic as a shovel.

The more dirt you have, the more likely you are going to survive. Dirt is free (for the most part) and is the most effective way of surviving the harmful affects of radiation fallout after a bomb goes off.

Look at these items. Each of these I’ve selected because I talk about them in the podcast. Furthermore, it helps you build up your preps. Don’t buy them here if you can get a better price somewhere else.

 And because Amazon doesn’t sell it, this video will show you how to make a Kearney Fallout Meter. The same instructions are in the Nuclear War Survival Guide.

Get ready today. If nothing happens, no big deal.

If the unthinkable happens…

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