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How to create an alternate identity



Do we have our pen and paper with us??
So someone sent me an email and asked “So James, how can I be cool like you?”
Well… we all know that can never happen – you’re just going to turn out cooler than me anyways on your own.
That got me thinking… How could someone be LIKE me. How could someone on the drop of a hat become a different person with a different history, different name, and different skills.
So I sat down and I thought. And I thought some more. And then some more.
And then it hit me… How do I do it? So lets set the stage here.  It’s next month and Martial Law has been declared because of a terrible accident involving possible terror activity or as some might say, a false flag attack. You are like me, a red card person – meaning that you can’t be rehabilitated back into the sheeple fold and therefore must be killed to maintain order in the New World Order. So then you….
Become someone else! Back when I worked in law enforcment I had the criminal record of an illegal alien. I started counting his aliases and said to my co-worker, ‘This guy has more aliases than I have underwear!” So now know, it starts with your name. Start with your last name. But remember that every name carries certain pitfalls. Now your name might be one that I suggest you avoid and you aren’t a redcard, but understand that these problems are for those that are desginated for death have to deal with.
Avoid the following:
Alliterations, such as “Alan Alda”, “Betty Buckley”
Famous names such as “George Washington”
Goofy names such as “Incontia Buttucks” or “Biggus Dickus”
Culturally inconsistant names. If you are a red head and pale skin then perhaps Sheniqua Montoya may not work for you
An age-inappropriate name such as “Sylvester”. Works great on a 80+ year old guy, but not a 20 something
Titles such as Doctor or Esquire as these can be researched with licensing bureaus or the internet
Try to find names that are consistant with where you live. If you live in Amish or Mennonite country, Yoder or Stoltfutz might be a good choice
Try to find a bland name. James Bond was the name of an ornithologist that Ian Fleming had on his bookshelf. Bland is good.
Stick to typical names for your ethnicity. You may want to try Stevens, Porter, Smith, Jones, Morris or Morrison for a good blend of anything. Montoya, Garcia, and those names would be great for someone who could pass for hispanic, such as a native american or someone from a few of the pacific islands
A first name should be very bland, such as Todd, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Stephen. Another thing you can try is look on the net for the most common last name and first name. Now if your name is Mark Montoya, become Mark Garcia. Are you Steven Smith? Then how about Steven Porter? If you keep your first name just remember that it could set a flag for “anybody with the first name of “Mark”"
You have your name – how about the rest of the family. Keep it simple and you won’t have to worry about remembering something complex.
Now for a back story. If you have worked a few different types of jobs – chose the one that is the most common – secretary, general labor. Avoid one that requires certification or licencing. Read up on the new stuff about that job. About new technology that might be needed to hold such a job. Find out who is hiring and you can say that you worked for them – and that is best if they closed up shop and no one can verify it. However, they can look up back tax records in a second to see if you did work there. Just keep that in your mind. Right now what you want to do is buy yourself a few hours to escape the camps.
And now comes the REALLY bad part… You may have screwed yourself over SO badly you may not be able to escape. And the thing is… it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Not mine, YOURS.
Go to facebook and what do you see pop up every so often: “Who is this person?” and they expect you to fill in the name of that person that is your friend. And all of your pictures are up there. Vacation photos,  office parties, picnic photos… All there because you put them up there. I downloaded Picasa to do some editing work.. And they did the exact same thing, “Who are these people?” So I uninstalled it.
If you see that pop up in Facebook tell them the truth… “Some Jerk at Work”, “Susy Loose Panties”, ‘Baby poopy drawers”, etc. Just don’t tell them the truth!
Start today and delete your photos off of the social sites. If someone wants your pictures – email them. It’s far safer that way – especially if you use the mailvault mail system and you can encrypt the emails.
Here’s another thing to do…. Take you photos and put your NEW NAME in those and upload via Picasa. That should get migrated into the NSA computers within a week or so.
Consider sending away for direct mail. So Steve Taylor who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Boise Idaho will get a few things in the mail. Oh, and just so cover all the basis – start a new Facebook page with the new name, with your new name’s email address and while we’re at it, get on a few mailing lists for the feds. Call up and get forms sent to you from the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and also from your county and state departments as well. Submit articles to the editor with your new name -  bring your person to life. One thing you can do is to visit a foreign country and set up a post office box (if legal), or mail a letter from the country like England in the name of your other identity, to help establish the identity.
Now lets say you are a professional and you had to be finger printed. You can obscure the prints with sand paper. You can also obscure them by dirt and grime.. For a short while.
This is all going to depend on you being able to develop the identities now, building a back story, and about 150% luck. Your future depends on you, not me. So get cracking and start thinking.

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