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Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse

Disaster, the one few things that affect all people regardless of race, color, creed, and income, can happen at any time without warning.

This book is designed to help you prepare for a disaster and if you prepare for disasters, when the Apocalypse happens you will be miles ahead of everyone else.

Under no circumstance should you use any information provided for criminal activity. If the end of our civilization is upon us, then wait until it happens before you do anything possibly illegal.
Given that at any point in time a natural disaster can and will occur when you least expect it, it is best to prepare now, not later. Imagine your frustration when you WERE going to prepare and you now need to get through weeks if not months of clean up and finding food. Now imagine how your family will feel when they are hungry, thirsty, wet, and cold.
So the moral of the story is this: PREPARE NOW.
  • Learn how to hide your food, water, and weapons in plain site, and even trick metal detectors.
  • Learn how to communicate securely to the other members of your group
  • Learn how to deal with the “Blue Helmet” menace – the UN
  • Learn how a small town can still thrive after the collapse
  • Learn the difference between a THIEF, LOOTER, or GOVERNMENT THUG

Here is a review from Twitter!

“I liked your perspectives on how and why to hide your preps. This adds an additional challenge to prepping. your books is an easy and helpful read. The chapter on reinforcing windows gives me much to think on.”  @TechPrepper

And another from a very happy reader:

This book truly will guide you through the apocalypse. James has thought of everything from every angle. Not only does he guide you through with a well organized, easy to follow system of what to do before, during and after, but he also gives you directions on how to carry out complex ideas. James is a master of the lost art of imagination and through his book, teaches you to think way outside the box, while coaching you on how to keep yourself, your family and your stuff safe. After all, why bother prepping if you’re just going to let someone take it all away? In this book you learn how to secure your home, how and what to prep, how to maintain security in home, or how to bug out in style and so, so much more. It truly is where Sun Tzu and MacGyver meet the Walton’s, informative, ultra useful with enough humour to make it a great read.
Thank you James, great work!
Christine N.
Ontario, Canada.



Of course it can come autographed! Just tell me who and it will happen!

The book is 98 pages long with illustrations and photographs. There are tips and places to find more information, and you can’t beat the value!

The book comes in 5 flavors:

Free 15 page eBook. Download here: and start reading today!

Kindle: Just 9 dollars!

ePub: Great for many smart phones and tablet devices! And a great price at $ 9.00!

Black and White: Just as good as color but a few dollars less. Buy it now for $14.00.

Full COLOR Bright and Bold. Only here for $18.00


They will be drop shipped for me from Northeast Pennsylvania, so calculate a few days longer if you are on the West Coast.

So BUY NOW and prepare for a disaster, or the ultimate in disasters.

But PREPARE NOW. – Shop Now!

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