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300 Days To Doomsday

25 Feb 2012

This is not the complete show notes!

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We have 300 days left until a possible Doomsday, 21 Dec 2012, the date the Mayan long count runs out. But Doomsday can be a personal doomsday such as the loss of a loved one, a bread winner, a decades long friend and confidant.

How to start: You first need a thought – usually one word: Prepare

This will grow into an idea such as, “How do I prepare?” or “I need to PREPARE!”

This will further mature into a plan. This plan is where you actually outline your preparedness goals.

This is the time to use 3-D thinking – Conceive how things will go from each step – A to B to C. Refer to the blog post a better idea on how to develop the 3-D thinking.

So let’s begin with making the plan. The first step is to establish what the goal is. Is it to last just through the current disaster or for as long as possible. So on your piece of paper at the bottom write the goal.

You need to list your assets, liabilities, and skills. Make 3 columns with each of those as headings. So, at the right, “Assets”, and then in the center, “Liabilities”, and at the left write in “Skills”. You may be a high school drop out but you can have great skills.

Assets would include your possessions, good health,car, home, pets, camping equipment, and too many other items to list now.

Your liabilities could be location, poor health, family members with addictions or poor health, or anything or person that could reduce your ability to prep or may steal your preps.

Skills would include: Organization, small arms training, military experience, fire making, gardening, and other self sufficiency skills. Now look at assets and skill and see if any of these or a combination can reduce or remove your liabilities. It’s okay if they can’t be reduced or eliminated  – but it will mean more work will be needed to succeed. Add to any of the lists as the 300 days go along, and cross off stuff as necessary. The liability list could be resolved or you just made a mistake.

Further down on your list, you’ll need to write down where you will keep your new supplies. Will you convert an unused closet, hide things inside walls, or at someone’s home. Plan this now so you can incorporate it into your planning.

This show, and all others later will be useful to get you from Point A to Point B. But this show is just the beginning. There are many other great shows on the Prepper Podcast radio Network that will give you more information, more training, and more sound advice that what I alone can give you.

Now that you have the road map to success, let’s add some points along the route. Remember, these will come every few days and you’ll find them at The Covert Prepper website under the page, “300 Days To Doomsday”

Here are some pointers:

  • Short term plans are less than a week to achieve.
  • Long term plans take more than a week
  • Budget needs to be reasonable and consistent
  • $30 a pay period if you are paid every two weeks.
  • Get help from family in the form of money or other assets
  • Ask for space for storage and equipment to use.
  • Avoid doing too much too quickly.

See the first topic!

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