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50 Skills to Learn

Every few days I will list a skill that you need to learn in order to survive. This is a two part method:

1: I will provide link for you to click and to read websites I think provide some of the best information available. Don’t just read the page, print the page and put it in a 3 ring binder for future use. We may not have electricity or the internet in a post collapse world.

2: YouTube videos that will give you more information and an idea how things are supposed to look like, sound like, and more. Use your Real Player downloader to keep the video for future reference. Burn them to CD’s so you have a video library!!

Here are the skills and the order they have been submitted, as well as their links:

  1. Gardening
  2. Composting
  3. Companion Planting
  4. Hoop Houses
  5. Planting Dates
  6. Beneficial Pests
  7. Herbs
  8. Animal Husbandry
  9. Animal Breeds
  10. Harvesting the Animal
  11. How to build a forge
  12. Making charcoal
  13. Making soap

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